Wi-Fi Control unlocks the door to smarter heating or cooling

Wi-Fi Control unlocks the door to smarter heating or cooling, for total home comfort wherever you are.

This innovative technology connects your domestic high wall, floor-mounted and ducted air conditioner to your smartphone, tablet or online account, giving you the freedom to fully control each unit on the go via an Internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Superior Customisation
This innovative technology places multiple functions of your air-conditioner at your fingertips. Turning the unit On/Off, adjusting set temperature, changing mode, fan speed and airflow direction are all possible.

Develop Operating Rules
Tailor your system to always meet your needs. Unlock the full potential of your air-conditioner, program your system to automatically turn On/Off at specific times, change settings, and develop temperature rules to ensure superior comfort day after day.

Control Multiple Units
Customise the settings of each air-conditioner in your home. Purchase multiple adaptors to manage all air-conditioners independently on the same account to ensure complete control over your system. The result is a tailored system to your needs.
Optional upgrade adapter required.