Split System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems. 

The Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners are popular for their high performance, efficiency, and reliability.

10 Reasons Why Split System Air Conditioners Are a Great Choice.

The Benefits of Split Systems
When cooling or heating your home there are many factors to consider, especially ongoing running costs, ease of use and ultimately, your comfort. Mitsubishi Electric Split Systems Air Conditioners are designed to cool or heat small to medium spaces whilst providing a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution. The Split Systems Series is quick to install and includes one of the quietest units in today’s market.

High energy efficiency
One of the significant benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners is their high energy efficiency. These systems use advanced systems, such as inverter technology, to regulate the compressor speed and adjust the cooling or heating output to match the required temperature.

Quiet Operation for Peaceful Comfort
We recognise that noise affects comfort, so Mitsubishi Electric is constantly working to make its air conditioners as quiet as possible. With improvements to their fan blades combined with the grille shape of their outdoor unit, it’s even quieter when in low-noise mode. They want you to feel the comfort, not hear it.

Mitsubishi Electric systems are designed to operate quietly, with noise levels as low as 18dB(A). This means that they won’t disrupt your activities or sleep, making them ideal for both bedroom and office applications.

Individual Control
The advantage of Split System Air Conditioners is that each unit can be controlled individually. Whether you want to cool, heat, dry or simply run the fan mode to circulate the air. The conditioned space can be accommodated efficiently or switched off if the unit is no longer needed. With a range of control options including wall-mounted, handheld or Wi-Fi control there is a customisable solution for any room. The capacity to individually control each air conditioner unit may also result in savings on your electricity bill, with the ability to turn a single air conditioner unit off when it isn’t required.

Add Units as Your Family Grows
As your circumstances evolve, your air conditioning needs may also change. A large benefit of installing a Split System is that additional air conditioner units can easily be added in the future. For example, as working situations change you may require a study to be set up in a room that was not previously used for long periods. In contrast to a ducted system, split systems are easier and cheaper to install.

Ultimate Comfort and Modern Design
Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners are attractive and range in a variety of designs to suit diversified needs; with stylish lines for the living room and quiet operation for the bedroom, their air conditioners provide advanced air control which is smart and sophisticated.

Advanced air purification
Advanced air purification technologies are provided by Mitsubishi Electric, such as Plasma Quad and Nano Platinum filters. These filters remove harmful particles and allergens from the air, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory problems.

Quality & Reliability
When it comes to comfort, efficiency and durability, Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners are distinctive, and in a very good way. They call it MEQ — Mitsubishi Electric Quality. The MEQ standard results in products tested in accordance with the Mitsubishi Electric standard, it’s simply a different standard of testing. Every Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner for each production line is placed on a testing rig and undergoes a variety of stringent tests before leaving the factory.

Peace of Mind
Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners deliver reliable performance year in, year out. When used in residential applications, Mitsubishi Electric Split System Air Conditioners are covered by full 5-year parts and labour warranty.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Split Systems Series embodies living environment control at the touch of a button. The units are ideal for small to medium room sizes with a wide range of units available.

Inverter Technology
While the compressor is the heart of the system, the Inverter is the brain of the system. An Inverter receives information from sensors monitoring operating conditions and adjusts the frequency of the compressor to control the refrigerant flow rate thereby consuming less current and power. Mitsubishi Electric Inverters ensure high performance and maximum comfort can be achieved while maintaining energy efficiency.

Outdoor Unit DC Scroll Compressor
Compressors can be described as the heart of an air conditioner, that pumps the refrigerant around the system which heat or cools your home. Mitsubishi Electric utilises DC scroll compressors with the addition of a frame compliance mechanism, this technology reduces the internal friction of the compressor which increases its overall efficiency.

Cleaning-Free Pipe Re-Use Technology*
The Mitsubishi Electric clean-free piping re-use technology allows the re-use of existing refrigerant pipe which may reduce the installation costs by eliminating the need to replace existing pipework. The system is fitted with a ‘wide strainer’ which captures iron particles and prevents them from entering the outdoor unit.

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